Thursday, February 24, 2005


Just before Xmas we decided to upgrade our humble dial up connection to the mighty ADSL! Using Netspace as our provider, we're now able to quickly do things over the internet.

One of the advantages in having broadband is the ability to use Voice Over IP. This allows people to use their internet connection to talk to people rather than their phone line, which has the most obvious advantage that it's 'free'. We're using a program called Skype at the moment, whcih works really well, allows multiple people to join the chat, and the sounds is pretty much as good as you'd expect on a phone.

Anyone out there who's also on ADSL, and is interested in chatting to us via Skype, then feel free. My username is hellboy2107.

I've also been busy playing World of Warcraft, which an online role-playing game. Anyone out there who want's to join me, I'm on the Spinebreaker server. Email me for details on my character.