Sunday, January 09, 2005


Well as you all know we were back in Adelaide for Christmas which turned out to be an extremely busy but good trip. It was great to catch up with those of you who were in Adelaide at the time and for those who weren't - hopefully we'll see you on our next visit!

I am coming to the end of my holidays which is sad but I guess my brain needs to switch back on again at some stage! This month will be busy but hopefully relatively drama and stress free. If I can increase my working hours there shouldn't be any problems at all.

Kat was a bit strange when we first returned home but now she is back to her usual demanding self. Lots of crying when she thinks it's dinner time and cuddles only on her terms. (This generally means when you are trying to sleep!) At the moment she is a little spooked due to extremely high winds. Everything is banging around so she is hiding in the hope it will all go away soon!