Monday, November 22, 2004

Drought Breaker

Hasn't been a great deal to post about the last couple of months. We've had a bit of rain up here, which for the moment has turned the grass a bit greener. Also has had the effect of bringing out a few more cane toads, as well as normal frogs. Hopefully the rain will keep up and the restrictions lifted.

My thumb has healed pretty well. I've only got a little numbness on the top of it now, which seems to be getting better slowly, presumably as the nerve endings re-grow. There not really a scar anymore, and I can doing everything I normally do with it now, though I've found there are some things no longer use it for, having trained myself to just us the fingers.

Jo's birthday is coming up this week. Hopefully she''l get lots of pressies and calls from all her friends. I'm sure she'll like what I've got her and I know she'll enjoy the trip away we're planning. Bundaberg here we come!

The Venturer Volleyball Team is going reasonably well, we're still winless, except for the game we won by forfiet, but we're slowly getting better. As soon as the guys get used to returning the serve we should start moving up the ladder.