Monday, September 01, 2003

Earthquakes and House-Hunting

Rest and Relaxation was the plan for this weekend but we ended up doing quite a bit!

Both Jo and I had had pretty hard weeks at work and we'd decided to take it easy on the weekend. On Saturday morning we did the shopping and grabbed a newspaper. Jo looked through it to see if there were any good houses in it.

She saw a few and we decided that we'd go check some out on the weekend. Before that though we went into Rocky and did some shopping. We had a quick look around, brought some bits and pieces and had some lunch there and eventually headed back home.

The first house we decided to look at was a $1 175 000 house at Bangalee Beach! A little bit out of our price range but was a very nice house though not worth as much as that. The house is in the Cape Cod style and have five double sized bedrooms on two levels, with a massive deck area and kitchen on the top floor overlooking the beach and the Keppel Islands. Below the deck was a beautiful pool and the house was apparently floored with 100 Year Old Pine. After being unsuccessful in haggling the salesman down to around $300 000 we decided to move on and get a DVD for the night. Jackie Chan in 'Shanghai Knights'!

On Sunday morning I decided to have a read in bed while Jo watched the end of the DVD and there was a big BANG! Originally I thought that Jo must have fallen off the couch. She thought I'd fallen out of bed but after going outside and seeing all the neighbors looking around trying to see what had fall onto or off their houses, I decided that it was probably and earthquake.

With that excitement past, we decided to get the housework out of the way, and then check out a house before settling in to watch the Showdown. The first house we looked at was on a large block and was a cheaper house that we thought might be idea for a bit of renovation. It's was pretty dodgy though and I got the impression that alot of the existing renovations were home made jobs.

After watching a bit of the footy, we ducked out at half-time to take a look at another house, which was a 3 bedroom house, again on a reasonably large block. This house was very nice, was pretty new and had been well taken care of but was a little bit on the small side. It did have a really nice octagonal living room which had great views of the garden and the nearby bush. Definitely has potential but I don't think we'll be rushing to buy it either.

The hunt continues.......