Monday, July 21, 2003

Journey to Yeppoon

On the 31st of May my Dad & I picked up my Mum from the Rockhampton airport.

We had booked a holiday house on Todd Avenue near the beach in Yeppoon. It was a lovely house with lots of frogs and lizards to keep us company. Being close to the beach was great as well and we saw some fantastic sunrise and sunsets as well as armies of crabs making little snadballs! It was a great little holiday house and we'd recommend it to anyone coming to stay who can't put up with us!

The following day we went for a drive around Yeppoon looking at houses on the various rental lists. We managed to get rid of a few from the list but still had 3 or so good prospects.

On Monday morning we had an appointment with Angela at Ray White to look at a few of their properties. Jo had already seen most of these and as a result the property on Sandlewood Avenue went quickly to number 1. It was a big 3 bedroom house with plenty of room and a nice kitchen. It also had a double lockup garage and A/C which was a big plus.

We looked at some other properties later on in the day and it seemed obvious that the Sandlewood property would come out as the clear winner. That was until we went out with Susan at Cedar Park Realty. She showed us 3 houses, two of which would be great but one of them, Meilland Street was a great house but was missing a few features we were looking for. But being so close to the bush really appealled to me! After much thinking and a huge phone call to Jo, we finally decided to put in a bid for the house at Meilland Street which they accepted.

With that decision out of the way we could get into shopping mode and headed into Rocky to buy a Futon and a Bed. We managed to get a pretty good price on a Bed Settee and the Futon from Super A-Mart and also got lots of other bits and pieces from the local Target and Kmart.

Thursday was the holiday day! We decided to go to Emu Park, Mt. Morgan, the Rocky Zoo and Botanical Gardens and then Mt. Archer for Sunset. It was a beautiful day (as usual!) and we set out to Emu Park in the morning. Emu Park is a beachside town south of Yeppon which greeted us with some more breathtaking views of Great Keppel Island. We had brunch at the Emu Park Bakery and then headed up to the Singing Ship, a monument to Captain James Cook who named the Keppel area. On the way a frog in the middle of the road decided to try and jump up my Dad's leg. Luckily we managed to get ahold of the frog and put him out of harms way in a bush.

Then we headed toward Rockhampton and drove through to Mt. Morgan. Mt Morgan was a Gold Mining town and the mine there has been closed for some years and we'd hoped to get on one of the mine tours. Unfortunately they were all booked out so we amused ourselves looking at their Suspension Bridge and looking down the main street. If you ever want a cheap house and land package then Mt. Morgan is the place, we saw some for under $20000.

We came down from Mt. Morgan back into Rockhampton and headed towards the Botanical Gardens and Zoo. Entry to the Zoo was free and was quite good except that some of the enclosures aren't quite as animal friendly as those in Capital City zoos. We got to get up close with the Zoo's Koalas which was really cool. After that we wandered through the Botanical Gardens and down to the lake where a little kid and his Dad were feeding the ducks, geese and anything else that came along! We also saw hundreds of little turtle heads poking up from the lakes surface!

Mt Archer was next and we drove along the winding road to the summit of the mountain. We walked around the short loop to the top and watched the sun setting over Rockhampton which was a breathtaking sight. We then drove around looking at the houses on top of the mountain which had some amazing views. One house seemed to be a giant barrel suspended on the side of the mountain!

On Friday we collected the keys to Meilland Street and started moving stuff into it. But Saturday was the real moving day since we were asked to leave Todd Street early. The truck arrived bright and early in the morning with the Bed and the Futon. Most of the day was spent putting the furniture together while my Mum did a bit of cleaning around the house.

Sunday was my Mum and Dad's last day in Yeppoon. They managed to miss their planned flight back to Adelaide but managed to get onto the next one! Then I was on my own until Jo arrived!

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An Introduction to Meilland Street

After much deliberation, we finally decided to put an application in on the Meilland Street property for a slightly lower price than advertised but for a longer length than we originally intended to lease for. We were happy when this offer was accepted and finally on Friday the 6th of June I collected the keys for our new home!

The house is situated at the end of Meilland Street which ends at the edge of the bush leading to the mountains overlooking Yeppoon. As a result of this we are surrounded be all the local wildlife. We often get up to a dozen Kangaroos/Wallabies feeding on our lawn at night and also have plenty of Kookaburras plus lots of other native birds. There's even been reports of a possum but I'm not convinced just yet! We're also lucky enough to have a frog, who Jo nicknamed Freddo, appearing on our step every now and then. Sadly, Freddo's been missing in action for the last few weeks so we fear he may have moved on or been eaten by something!

The block itself is a steep slope with the house facing to the NNW. The main hills are to the East while the ocean is behind us to the South. If you walk a little bit up the hill you can get a great view of the bay and the islands.

The gardens surrounding the house are all native except for a few Bouganvillias and is slowly growing into what will be a great garden which will attract a lot of the native birds.

The house itself is a Comtemporary Queenslander. It captures the look and style of the traditional Queensland house but with all the modern conveniences of a new house. It's also designed to allow the breeze to flow through regardless of the direction it is coming from. It's a Blue/Aqua coloured house, rather like the color of this website!

Inside it has 3 bedrooms, a large Living and Dining area with a good sized kitchen. It also features an ensuite on the Master Bedroom and another larger Bathroom which incorporates the Laundry. Every room has built in robes so there is plenty of storage space. We've set up one of the bedrooms as the Guest Bedroom and the other bedroom has become the Study. There is a futon in the study though in case we ever get more than two guests at a time (or if any of you have a fight)!

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Jo, Marg and Matt

Jo, Marg and Matt

After a couple of weeks alone Jo and her Mum, Marg, finally arrived in Yeppoon.

After a 5 day trek from Adelaide via Mt. Tambourine, the girls managed to find the house without any dramas! They enjoyed a couple of relaxing days hanging around the house and seeing the sights of Yeppoon.

On the Friday night Jo and I went to the Evans Edwards & Associates End of Financial Year party. We met with lots of Jo's new workmates and even one who had also made the move from SA. The theme for the night was clowning around, and there were plenty of strange events happening around us as some performers did various tricks throughout the room. Jo even got her face painted!

On Saturday we went into Rocky and did some shopping. We ended up buying some lamps, a sprinkler, a keyboard/mouse for the laptop and some other bits and pieces.

Later that night we went over the my boss, Brendan's house for dinner with him and his family. We had a great Beef and Seafood Stir Fry and well as lots of wine and drinks. I even found out where my missing laptop was!

For Sunday we decided to got out to Byfield and also to go and visit Cooberrie Park.

Byfield is a State Forest, which is very similar to the pine plantations of Mt. Crawford and Mt. Gambier. The drive out there is quite nice as you get some great view of the mountains of what I think is the Byfield National Park. We visited a couple of craft shops in the forest, each of which had some amazing pottery and sculptures at quite good prices. Jo vowed to come back at a later date and spend lots of money!

On the way back we stopped in at the Cooberrie Wildlife Sanctuary. Here we were set up by hundreds of Ducks, Chickens and Kangaroos all wanting some of the food we had for them. We spent a while feeding these animals and looking at the others inside their cages. There was no shortage of other animals to look at - Crocodiles, Koalas, Snakes, Lizards and Dingoes all wanting your attention.

The highlight of the day was the Koala holding session. We all got to have a hold of the Koala and her baby. The koala is apparently the only one in the world that jumps! We also got to hold a Carpet Python which tried to wrap itself around me like a constrictor. Marg had to leave the room while the snake was there but Jo worked up the courage to have the tail end of the snake over her shoulder. She handled it alot better than some of the other people 'daring' to hold the snake!

The next couple of days Jo and Marg spent relaxing in the sun and shopping in Rocky.

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Journey to Yeppoon

The journey began on Tuesday Morning, the 27th of May. After spending several hours stuffing the car to the brim with my stuff, my Dad and I eventually headed off at around 10:00am. The plan for that day was to get to Balranald. We stopped on the way for lunch at Renmark and had a look at the big dinosaur which is in the reptile park. We continued on through the Riverland and made it to Balrnanald quite easily. We then booked into the motel and had a fantastic dinner in their restaraunt.

The next day's plan was to get to Dubbo. We started off bright and early and made it to Hay for breakfast. Form there we tackled the Hay Plain to West Wyalong and eventually to Forbes where we stopped for lunch. That afternoon we went through Parkes, stopping at the famous Dish where we looked around and witnesed it moving very slowly! Signs said that we should turn off cars, phones and any electrical equipment as to not interfere with the reception but we did manage to sneak in one photo. One cool thing that is there are the two small dishes about 100m apart where you can stand at one end and listen to the other person talking to you very clearly! A great demonstration as to why the dish is shaped like it is. We pushed onto Dubbo, eventually finding a motel with the smallest room I'd ever seen! Luckily it was also the cheapest and it was only for one night. Once again we had a great meal in one of the local pubs.

Thursday's plan was to get to Miles in Queensland. The day went pretty smoothly and we enjoyed the views of the Warranbungles. There were plenty of roadworks between Dubbo and the Queensland border. We made it to Miles easily and found a great little motel to stay in. The hotel across the road supplied us with yet another awesome meal. They had Mexican Fajita's!

The last day was Friday and we'd planned this so we'd have a short drive (only 500km) to Yeppoon and then relax in the holiday house we'd booked. We arrived in Yeppoon at around 2:00pm and settled into the holiday house on Todd Avenue. The house is right next to the beach and we enjoyed plenty of walks on it in the coming week.