Monday, October 24, 2005

Surprise Party!

Wow - what a fabulous weekend we had. Suzanne and Robert very kindly threw us a surprise engagement party. It was supposed to have been a couple of weeks ago but on the Friday night we got a call from a very distressed Suzanne asking if we could cancel our dinner and move it forward a week or two. She'd managed to tell everyone that she was throwing a party but not when. Of course no one was then available so it was a last minute cancellation - no wonder she sounded so frantic!

We arrived at about 6 and were having drinks out on their deck with an amazing view watching the storm roll in when one of my friends from work arrived. That's when Suzanne came up with a very cheeky grin and told us that the night was actually a surprise engagement party. People kept arriving and it was all very overwhelming. When friends of Matt's from his office arrived I was really confused and couldn't work out how they had managed that! (I'd been at a linen party a few weeks earlier and was being asked lots of questions about Matt's work - I thought nothing of it at the time but it was all part of the plan for those organising the whole night.)

Thank you to Suzanne and Robert for opening their house and throwing us such a wonderful surprise party. Also thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate. It really was overwhelming and very much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

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