Monday, May 23, 2005

We Won!

It was bound to happen eventually...

The Yeppoon Venturer Unit Volleyball team finally won a game! The lads played well, and it all came together, with no one having a bad game. Good on ya fellas!

In other Venturer type news,we went to a Unit Managemen Course on the weekend which was really good. Hopefully the Venturers took a bit from this weekend and can start doing even more of the day to day work of the Unit. We're heading off for a walk to a local hill called Mt. Ganter in June. This walk was planned last year, but will finally come to fruition in about a months time.

We hope everyone's doing well, and feel free to leave us some comments!


Anonymous said...

well it just goes to show how much time i have on my hands to evn waste time putting a comment on such a boring and rather haphazrd blog

3:26 PM  
hellboy said...

Yeah well, maybe you do have way too much time. This Blog is probably not for you, if you want something more "exciting" and un-haphazard I suggest you try my other Blog at

2:42 PM  
Rohan said...

Who the hell would put time in replying to say it is bad, god that person must be a wanker, get a life

12:16 PM  

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