Friday, October 01, 2004

Big Cajones

The Venturers have recently decided to enter a Beach Volleyball league, held in ROcky on Thursday nights.

Last night we had our first game, and man did we suck...For the first half of the match anyway. Though we didn't come anywhere near winning the game, we did see some good improvement by the end of it all. After a bit of practice this weekend, we should be able to start stringing together a few hits and start being competitive.

According to our program, we're playing the bottom team on the ladder (excluding us and another new team) so who knows, we might be in with a chance. If you're really motivated and want to follow the league (sorry not tipping at the moment) then you can check it out at the CitiBeach Website. We're in the Thursday Night 4-a-side, Division 2, and will be called the Big Cajones, though currently for some wierd reason, we're Peter's Team.


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