Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Free Port!

I had a pretty busy weekend last weekend.

On Saturday night the Scout Group was holding a Quiz Night, and the Venturers (plus a few of the older Scouts) were asked to cook a BBQ for all the attendees. That all went pretty well, apart from there being not quite enough patties. After the BBQ, we decided to enter a team in the night, and much to our surprise - we won! I was also lucky enough to win the coin toss, so I came away with a free bottle of Wolf Blass Port as well!

Then, on Sunday morning, the Venturers put up a marquee at the local markets, and then we decided to have a round of golf at the local Yeppoon Golf Course. The course is pretty nice, and we didn't experience any snobby golfs who were unhappy with our level of skill at all, which was great. There were also plenty of Kangaroos around which make it interesting as well!

Luckily for us, we decided to only do 9 holes, otherwise we may have been there all day! I came away with a personal best of 83, while the best of use almost managed to get under 70.


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