Wednesday, September 22, 2004

FireFox and Live Bookmarks

For you lucky people out there using Fire Fox 1.0PR as your web browser, you may or may not be aware that you can use a new feature called Live Bookmarks.

This is basically an RSS feed from a website that generates a list of available articles that the site contains. Since this site is a Blog, I can activate a RSS feed quite easily, which allows you to use Live Bookmarks.

To use it, simply click on the orange RSS button that appears on the right hand side of the Fire Fox Status Bar (the one on the bottom), and click "Subscribe to Yeppoon Diary". You can then save this book mark where ever you want, and you'll have an up to date list of the available articles on this website.

Get Firefox!


Anonymous said...

Hya Matt!

Keep that content going :)
Everyone has got to love Firefox, finally a real browser that doesn't has all the security holes that MS's browser has.
Putting my friends and family on ff saves me (and them) heaps of problems. It is the end of internet explorer as we know it.

cheers from a relatively sunny Holland,

12:35 AM  

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