Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Scout Group Update!

We had a pretty big night at the Scout Group the other night. The event was a mass investiture ceremony, where kids from each section were either invested or moved up to the next section.

There were plenty of kids there, which demonstrated the strength of the group, as well as lots of parents, which is a great sign that the group is recieving the support it needs from the parents involved.

I also got a good chance to speak with the District Leader, who I spoke to regarding the state of the districts Venturer section, and he seemed to have several good ideas on making it work better, both for the kids and the leaders.

We were due to have a Venturer invested on the night but unfortunately due to some school commitments he was unable to make it. The good news for him is that I guess we can come up with an even more exciting way to invest him.


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