Monday, July 12, 2004

Keppel Island, at last!!

Finally, over a year of being in Yeppoon, I finally got across to Great Keppel Island.

Thijs, a Dataflex programmer from Holland who's been working with us the last few weeks, and I took the 9:00am ferry to the island for a day of snorkeling. After speaking to one of the locals, we determined that Monkey Beach was the best spot on the island to snorkel (that's within walking distance for a day trip anyway).

We headed off towards this beach, following a track that took us along the edge of the runway. Eventually we ended up at a beach called Long Beach, which was really nice, and met an American guy who pointed us towards Monkey Beach. After taking a few photo's, we headed along Long Beach to Monkey Beach.

When we arrived at Monkey Beach we saw that it was a small bay, with a crescent moon shaped patch of Coral Reef to snorkel over. We both but our gear on and jumped in. There were fish everywhere, some very colourful, others a more typical 'scaley' and grey fish. There were a wide variety of types - some had stripes like Zebras, others leopard-type spots, and another that had very similar colours to the Rosella's that fly around the island. We also saw a few big Clams and a couple of Rays. Most of the coral was pretty white, but there were patches of pink, purple, green and blue around the place. The water was quite shallow so there was no diving to get down to the reef, and I guess it would be unsuitable for SCUBA diving as well because of this.

Later that day we just relaxed by the bar, having a few beers and a bit of lunch, as well as admiring the scenery. We took a quick walk up the main 'street' of the island and then caught the 3:00pm ferry back to the mainland. On the way back we were 'buzzed' by the Wild Duck, which is a speed boat for around 25 people who need an extra thrill on their way to and from the island.

Check out the pictures!


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