Monday, June 28, 2004

Addition to the Family

It's been a pretty quiet week.

We said goodbye to Marg (Jo's Mum) on Monday, and found out on Tuesday morning that my sister has had a little boy, Logan, on the weekend. I just got some pictures of him this morning, and might post them on the site later.

On Friday I got a bit of a payrise, which will go along way towards making life a little more comfortable up here. Since we've brought the house things have been pretty tight financially, but with this payrise I'll actually now be able to save a bit of money. My salary sacrifice on my laptop also finished this week so it'll be like two payrises at once!

Friday night was the EEA end of financial year party, which was ok, and was held in a car park on Quay Street in Rocky. It was a bit better this year, considering we knew more than two people.

On the weekend we went into Rocky to do a bit of shopping - I brought myself a couple of pairs of pants, and we brought Kat a new polarfleece blanket.


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