Monday, July 21, 2003

Journey to Yeppoon

The journey began on Tuesday Morning, the 27th of May. After spending several hours stuffing the car to the brim with my stuff, my Dad and I eventually headed off at around 10:00am. The plan for that day was to get to Balranald. We stopped on the way for lunch at Renmark and had a look at the big dinosaur which is in the reptile park. We continued on through the Riverland and made it to Balrnanald quite easily. We then booked into the motel and had a fantastic dinner in their restaraunt.

The next day's plan was to get to Dubbo. We started off bright and early and made it to Hay for breakfast. Form there we tackled the Hay Plain to West Wyalong and eventually to Forbes where we stopped for lunch. That afternoon we went through Parkes, stopping at the famous Dish where we looked around and witnesed it moving very slowly! Signs said that we should turn off cars, phones and any electrical equipment as to not interfere with the reception but we did manage to sneak in one photo. One cool thing that is there are the two small dishes about 100m apart where you can stand at one end and listen to the other person talking to you very clearly! A great demonstration as to why the dish is shaped like it is. We pushed onto Dubbo, eventually finding a motel with the smallest room I'd ever seen! Luckily it was also the cheapest and it was only for one night. Once again we had a great meal in one of the local pubs.

Thursday's plan was to get to Miles in Queensland. The day went pretty smoothly and we enjoyed the views of the Warranbungles. There were plenty of roadworks between Dubbo and the Queensland border. We made it to Miles easily and found a great little motel to stay in. The hotel across the road supplied us with yet another awesome meal. They had Mexican Fajita's!

The last day was Friday and we'd planned this so we'd have a short drive (only 500km) to Yeppoon and then relax in the holiday house we'd booked. We arrived in Yeppoon at around 2:00pm and settled into the holiday house on Todd Avenue. The house is right next to the beach and we enjoyed plenty of walks on it in the coming week.


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