Monday, July 21, 2003

Jo, Marg and Matt

Jo, Marg and Matt

After a couple of weeks alone Jo and her Mum, Marg, finally arrived in Yeppoon.

After a 5 day trek from Adelaide via Mt. Tambourine, the girls managed to find the house without any dramas! They enjoyed a couple of relaxing days hanging around the house and seeing the sights of Yeppoon.

On the Friday night Jo and I went to the Evans Edwards & Associates End of Financial Year party. We met with lots of Jo's new workmates and even one who had also made the move from SA. The theme for the night was clowning around, and there were plenty of strange events happening around us as some performers did various tricks throughout the room. Jo even got her face painted!

On Saturday we went into Rocky and did some shopping. We ended up buying some lamps, a sprinkler, a keyboard/mouse for the laptop and some other bits and pieces.

Later that night we went over the my boss, Brendan's house for dinner with him and his family. We had a great Beef and Seafood Stir Fry and well as lots of wine and drinks. I even found out where my missing laptop was!

For Sunday we decided to got out to Byfield and also to go and visit Cooberrie Park.

Byfield is a State Forest, which is very similar to the pine plantations of Mt. Crawford and Mt. Gambier. The drive out there is quite nice as you get some great view of the mountains of what I think is the Byfield National Park. We visited a couple of craft shops in the forest, each of which had some amazing pottery and sculptures at quite good prices. Jo vowed to come back at a later date and spend lots of money!

On the way back we stopped in at the Cooberrie Wildlife Sanctuary. Here we were set up by hundreds of Ducks, Chickens and Kangaroos all wanting some of the food we had for them. We spent a while feeding these animals and looking at the others inside their cages. There was no shortage of other animals to look at - Crocodiles, Koalas, Snakes, Lizards and Dingoes all wanting your attention.

The highlight of the day was the Koala holding session. We all got to have a hold of the Koala and her baby. The koala is apparently the only one in the world that jumps! We also got to hold a Carpet Python which tried to wrap itself around me like a constrictor. Marg had to leave the room while the snake was there but Jo worked up the courage to have the tail end of the snake over her shoulder. She handled it alot better than some of the other people 'daring' to hold the snake!

The next couple of days Jo and Marg spent relaxing in the sun and shopping in Rocky.

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