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I wish I was stuck in a mine.....:Monday, May 15, 2006

Ok, I've had enough. It's time for COTM to come out of 'retirement' so that I may speak my mind about the recent mining disaster. Contgratulations to the workers that managed to get the two miners out alive. Commiserations to the family of the one who didn't make it.

To the media - fuck you, I no longer care. You've taught me to train my attentionspan to stop responding after 5 minutes, so now can you quit it with the Beaconsfield crap. And can all of you media personalities apologising for "not trying to make money/fame/etc." from the accident give it a rest. We all know deep down inside that the money and TV/Publishing rights is ALL the disaster is about. There's no point telling us you don't care a bout these rights when we all know you're FULL OF SHIT! Yep, I'm looking at you Sunrise, Eddie, the rest of the world.....

Back on topic now, who actually thinks the mining disaster really happened? has anyone actually seen evidence of the disaster? It would seem to me that a minig disaster would be very easy to fake, and therefore a very good cover up.....

What world event is the media world trying to hide from us that has happened in the last week?
More rights take away from ordinary people?
More reports pointing the finger of blame at our governments swept under the carpet?


replayee said...

you know.

that is actually an excellent point.

there is only one thing that needs so much hype to hide.


its secretly been stashed behind the new chilli peppers album cause everyone knows that no-one will eva look there

8:19 PM 

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