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Dancing with the "Stars"?:Sunday, November 26, 2006

You know the real conspiracy here is not that some bird has had dancing lessons, but why this information has come out in the lead up to the finale. Anyone smell bat ratings on a dieing genre??

A Conspiracy is afoot:Monday, October 30, 2006

Ever felt that you are being watched? I am watching you right now.....

Queensland Drivers license test:Monday, August 14, 2006

When driving in an overtaking lane, do you:
a. speed up as fast as you can, then once leaving the lane, slow back down to 80km/h
b. keep in the right hand lane
c. straddle both lanes and slow down

When on a roundabout do you:
a. don't indicate
b. indicate to the left when leaving the roundabout
c. randomly indicate to keep any interstate drivers on their toes
d. drive through the middle
e. all of the above

When at a T-junction and are about to turn onto the main road, do you:
a. give way to all traffic
b. give way only to your right
c. "give way?" what the hell are you talking about?
d. wait until the only car on the entire road is in front of you, and then at the last minute pull out

You are in a car park and you find an empty space. Do you:
a. drive straight into the park, making sure you don't hit the cars either side
b. drive into the park, only stopping when your front wheels have climbed the kerb in front.
c. reverse into the park to allow for easy exiting from the park
d. reverse your big ass 4wd into the park, including several attempts to get into the park, while blocking off all access for other vehicles within a 1km radius

The Futility:Monday, August 07, 2006

It looks like Limewire will be the next target of Hollywood and the Recording Industry. This software allows you to download illegal music! Fancy that! Anyway, in come the lawyers, and if all things go to plan it will be shut down and illegal downloads will magically stop (or won't).

So what's next then? Hey look, I can download illegal music using Firefox! Oh yeah, and Internet Explorer too! Why haven't they gone after these guys? Surely criminals are going unpunished buy using this software illegally!

Quick, where are my lawyers.....

10,000 Homies:Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's been a long long time, but finally, after many years of painful anticipation - Bodycount are back! No release date yet, but surely it must be coming soon!

Blueberry Madonna:Wednesday, May 24, 2006

As if being the child of Geri Haliwell wasn't bad enough, Geri decided to call her Bluebell Madonna! Man, she could have at least given the kid one decent name to fall back on!

What's the next kid going to be called? Jesus Frankenstien?

Nuclear is the new Oil?:Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I've spoken before about the virtues of using Nuclear Power. Personally I think it's a great alternative to Oil and Coal based products, is much cleaner (despite the hype) and Australia is in a position where supplies of this abound.

One important point that Peter Garret pointed out is that nuclear power is simply a smokescreen to avoid tacking energy issues in general. As good a nuclear power is, we still need to looks at cleaner and better alternatives, such as wind and solar power. Without these technologies, we are still restricted to a single limited resource, be it oil, uranium or coal.

Don't be scared of nuclear power, it's not the great evil many people would have you believe, but don't let the government pretend that it's the answer either. We need to free ourselves of resource based energy....